Kids Session Catch-Up Classes Policies

No catch up classes for workshops, camps or parties or any other service except Exploratory Classes.

Exploratory classes ONLY.
We encourage students to attend on the same day and time as much as possible.

If your child has missed a class and needs to catch up on a project, please use our online form to arrange a catch up class through our website.

Please do not email or call regarding catch-up classes. Maximum two catch-up classes per session. No credits or refunds for missed classes. Please understand catch-up classes are not owed if a child misses a class. Catch-up times are 30 minutes and do not include any art history component. We offer these catch-up times to help ensure a child will finish their artwork on time. Maximum 2 make up classes per session. Make up classes do not transfer over to another session.

Please note
  • the times listed below are the only times available for catch-up classes
  • Open to students currently enrolled in the Exploratory class
  • Maximum two catch-up classes per session
  • Catch-up classes do not transfer to the next term
  • No credit or for refunds for missed classes


Please select your location * If the pop up is empty or studio is not listed, it is currently not offered at your studio.

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