Book Your Glazing Time

Glazing time is booked at studios that run 2.5 hour clay workshops only. This is when you come in and make your piece for 1.5 hours and the return to glaze for an hour after your clay has been kiln fired once. 


This is how your piece has been fired for the first time!


You made your clay, we kiln fired the piece, you have checked the clay status update ( in the previous tab) and your piece is ready for glazing! We also sent you an email letting you know it was ready. It is time to return to the studio, paint your clay and relax.

Guests who have recently completed a clay workshop in our studio can book glazing time. This is when you add details, colour, shine, and maybe even a neat technique or two to your clay creation. This is a self directed hour, step by step instructions are posted in the studio. Our lovely staff will be checking in on you in case you need assistance, guidance or cheerleading.

And if it turns out you can't make the glazing time you booked, please don't call the studio, you can just rebook for another time No big deal! :)

If you are returning following a group event, you don't all have to return at the same time. It is up to you! Whatever works! :) 

Note: You must register for a clay workshop before booking glazing time.