The Beaches | September Adult & Family | Self Directed Video Workshops


Regular $20/hr. SPECIAL AUGUST DISCOUNT! 2 people for $20 per hour!

Learn more about the projects this month
Autumn Gnome Lanterns
Forest Soup Bowl
Fish Mugs
Autumn Paint By Numbers
Cat Vase
Hygge Kitties
Ditto Cats
Storybook Autumn Home

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*Glazing time not included in the building price for all 2 part workshops.

How much time should I book?

Each workshop is offered for 1 month and they fill REALLY fast. So if you see a time you want, we recommend booking asap. :)

Once you get in the studio and start creating you will see it is like a time warp! Time flies when you are having fun! As you would expect, it is really hard to know exactly how much time you will need. Every artist is different and often you may want to practice a bit before making your final piece.

But! You don’t have to complete the project in one sitting. In fact, some cannot be completed in one day. Often clay needs to be fired in the kiln before you can glaze (paint) your art. Each project has a recommended booking time and how many visits are required in the description.

Book as many days and times as you like. You have 1 month to finish each project. We will hold the project for up to 30 days from the first time you booked. After this time the step by steps and instructions will no longer be available.

*Projects must be picked up within 2 weeks after the 30-day booking period.

Age Requirements

Workshops are for ages 6 and up. For kids ages 6-12, they must be accompanied by a paid adult participant. No observers.

Please, no children under the age of 6.

After 6:00pm, workshops are for ages 16 and up exclusively.