Sculpt & Bake: Zombie Kit

BRAINS. BRAINS! BRAAAIINSSSS!!!Brains are an important part of a healthy breakfast for Zombies, not so much for us normies. Zombies and brains are however,  super fun to make from Ditto clay! Make a Zombie, make a zombie bunny, make them glow... and make yourself a proper non-brain based breakfast.

What's In The Kit?
  • 4 colours of high-quality Ditto polymer clay (50 grams each)
  • Makes 1 zombie and 1 zombie friend!
  • Online video tutorial, this kit DOES NOT come with printed instructions,  access code is in the box.
  • Your instructional video will be available for 30 days from the time you login.
  • Video, content and materials are not for commercial, school or paid program use without authorization
Sculpting & Baking Instruction

For baking instructions and to learn more about Ditto click here.